Case Study - AWS - Agency - Resultrix

Resultrix is a end-to-end interactive agency with a pay-for-performance search model supported by an award winning creative team. Resultrix is headquartered in USA (Seattle) with its global offices in Mumbai, New Delhi, Singapore & UAE (Dubai). There interactive services include - search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimisation (SEO), affiliate and social media marketing.


Customer had their existing entire infra running in colocation data centre. Customer business was largely expanding and required a scalable, reliable, responsive and secure infrastructure to deliver its end users a unique experience. The architecture consisted of VMWARE based setup, had software defined networking and routing, high availability configurations, IIS web server, MSSQL backend for production environment. In case of sudden spikes to three-to-four times the normal load, the servers were not able to handle that traffic. Maintaining backups for the entire infra was critical.


The Solution was migrating to AWS. The customer has been able to retain all information within India to meet its compliance obligations due to availability of Asia Pacific South (Mumbai) Region. The architecting and designing of infrastructure included Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances on which the Application and MSSQL database was hosted. AWS CloudFront to accelerate and improve performance of all websites hosted on EC2 Windows environment. Backed by SQL web database on EC2. Also all sites secured using SSL certificate issued from ACM.


The new architecture can also scale to support increasing demand while enabling higher availability and elasticity. AWS has help build and deliver solution in accordance with the industry’s security standards and best practices. AWS Cloud has enabled Customer to quickly Scale up and down resources to meet customer demand and manage costs. It has eliminated the need for provisioning resources upfront since the business has variable consumption rates. They have adopted a full-featured cloud service to deliver its services and realize its potential.