Case Study - AWS - Automotive - Mahindra First Choice Wheels

Mahindra First Choice Wheels goal is to deliver wheels for billion dreams. They are India’s number one multi-brand certified used car company and sell high quality used cars with a warranted wow experience. They deal in a wide range of multi-brand used cars and refurbish it with their well-known 118 checkpoints quality check and sell the same under the best in class Warranty products.


The customer has a multi-car dealer present in many cities in India. They had to a “Dealer Management Site” used by dealers . The preliminary setup was hosted in a colocated DC and customer wanted to have it migrated to cloud. But they wanted to test it first before obtaining a highly available infrastructure. The security was an important element of decision along with backup, data availability with access controls, audit trail logs. The customer had a specific requirement which is to have access, control, and view of application and databases so they can optimize the database queries for performance enhancement. Though the infrastructure is thin, the architecture should be able to scale up, depending on the future requirement of the business. They wanted 24/7 monitoring with deep monitoring of website & performance. The customer wanted his team to be informed about infrastructure utilization and availability.


We proposed a two tier architecture with EC2 instance and backed by RDS at backed. AWS SSM is being used for security patching of servers. AWS Systems Manager helps in providing insights of resources in terms of patches, updates and configuration, helping in security and compliance needs. Administrators access to customer infrastructure and services is controlled by IAM policies, with audit trails and log in reporting. Maintaining backup and snapshots for the entire infra. EC2 instances chosen are for best price and performance benefits. NewRelic is being used for detailed application level monitoring.


The customer after migrating their infrastructure and applications in the AWS Cloud they can now quickly deploy their services and applications. The security measures are been improved progressively with automatic security updates that notify any potential security threats. With Cloud, the complexity of the infrastructure is eliminated so they have saved time and efforts throughout their course. The customer is benefitting from the flexibilities the cloud provides because all cloud services are on one single platform so they don’t have to go through different services in different locations. The 24/7 monitoring of the system has leveraged them in getting notified about any potential issues by allowing them to keep track and resolve their issues immediately. Automatic backup prevents them from experiencing any data loss and during the disaster recovery process, the logs can help them in finding what went wrong. Cloud migration has helped the customer with increased cost savings by avoiding any unnecessary expenses.