Case Study - AWS - Education - Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool)

Prin. L. N. Welingkar Institute of Management Development & Research (WeSchool) is a Business School in India. WeSchool, Mumbai, established in 1977 offers Post Graduate Diploma in Management in new areas as Retail, Family Managed Business, Business Design & Innovation, Rural Management, Healthcare Management, Media & Entertainment Management and E-business. WeSchool has two campuses: Mumbai and Bengaluru.


The Institute's existing infra was hosted on on-premise datacenter. Multiple web properties and portals were sharing hosting infra. The admission portal would attract more traffic during the admission process than the rest period of the year. The Institute wanted to move to a scalable infrastructure where they could gain cost benefits and also provide good Student experience while the entire process. Owing to the security aspects they were looking to migrate the infra to a secure platform. The availability of the portal was of utmost important to the customer.


The Student and Admission portals are now hosted on Amazon Web services infra. The applications have been migrated by employing the Re-architecting and Re-platforming strategies. The entire digital properties for the customer were hosted on a single server on prem. It was hosted on a Windows VM and backed by a SQL Standard Database on-premise. The application has been refactored to be hosted on a linux environment and the database now resides on an Amazon RDS. The web server is now configured to be in High availability to handle peak traffic during admission and registration process. Amazon CloudFront is deployed to securely deliver data to the Students globally with low latency, high transfer speeds.


The architecture ensures 100% uptime and High availability for the Institute’s registration portals. The security posture has been improved by leveraging AWS services and access management for the infrastructure. Performance and time to first byte has improved by 20% for the end users and Students.