Case Study - AWS - Elearning - Anibrain Digital Technologies

Mocomi E-learning portal is dedicated to making education an enjoyable and fun learning experience. It forms a community and acts as a source of resources for parents, teachers and educators. It uses a very fresh approach while creating learning material for kids. This makes it easy to understand by collaborating visual interactive content and helps in accelerating the learning process of a child.


The E-learning application infra was hosted on shared servers with a web hosting company. The major challenge was frequent downtime with the portal. Load time for the portal was a lot higher and during peak traffic portal would become unresponsive. They were looking for a robust infra capable to deliver a lot of video content to the kids/students.


We helped migrate the E-learning portal to AWS. The migration approach included initial Assessment, Planning and Migration. As a part of the solution we have deployed a two tier infra with backend database on Amazon Relational Database. Amazon CloudFront has been configured to help achieve lower latency and request being served from edge locations reducing the load on the origin. Amazon Certificate manager has been leveraged to provision, manage, and deploy public and private Secure Sockets Layer/Transport Layer Security (SSL/TLS) certificates for the portal.


With Appropriate monitoring in place, the AWS infra can be scaled as per the need and traffic meeting the business needs. The infra can be accessed securely without any open access. All the content being delivered through Amazon CloudFront is rendered with lower load time. The downtime challenge has been eliminated. The portal is now able to handle sudden spikes and is scalable. The frequent changes in the utilization patterns are now being smoothly handled. Accessing AWS infra with secure connections has been beneficial to the team. They get insights for the complete infra with alarms and Notifications. The Migration has Resulted in near 100% uptime, low latency and high end-user satisfaction. Customer has seen a 30% performance improvement.