Case Study - AWS - FMCG - Bajaj Corp

Bajaj Corp is the second largest company in the Shishir Bajaj Group of companies. The history of Bajaj Corp dates back to 1953 when Mr. Kamalnayan Bajaj established Bajaj Sevashram in the market to sell hair oils and other beauty products. Bajaj Corp Ltd. is one of the leading players in Hair oil category with brands like Bajaj Almond Drops Hair oil, Bajaj Brahmi Amla Hair Oil, Bajaj Amla Hair oil and Bajaj Jasmine Hair oil. Our flagship Brand Bajaj Almond Drops Hair oil is the No. 1* hair oil in Indian market with Premium positioning and commands one of the highest per-unit prices in the industry.


The Customer is a consumer goods company and was looking for hosting of in-house created “Sales Force automation’’ application and Adrenalin HRMS application hosted for employees HR requirements. The application’s had the requirement for high availability and optimum security measures specific to access controls, database security, backups with details of audit logs. The application was needed to be accessible to customers and employees from the organization network and for remote users as well on the internet with adequate security controls in place. The customer also wanted his application to be highly available and have steady performance in spite of the spike in workloads on month ends for reporting. They wanted frequent backup’s so to ensure daily data availability, weekly availability and monthly full copy availability and durability. The overall solution they wanted it to be cost-effective, avoiding Capex investment.


We proposed and implemented scalable architecture ensuring high uptime using AWS infrastructure. Two-tier Architecture with Load balancing and managed database service for the backend. Infrastructure access and privileges are strictly controlled and monitored. As a part of managed services and monitoring various tools SSM, trust advisor are used to provide details on GAPs and help in mitigation of the same. Lambda is leveraged to automate start/stop process of EC2 and RDS as per requirement for cost optimization. Amazon S3 storage is being used to store on-prem hosted DB’s backup. We have done Deployment of a scalable & reliable infra to deliver the solution as per AWS best practices and meeting customers Business needs. The solution ensures securing data at rest and data in transit. We have provided Secure Communication Between on-premise to AWS Cloud infra using VPN.


The new architecture can also scale to support increasing demand while enabling higher availability and elasticity. AWS helps build and deliver a solution in accordance with the industry’s security standards and best practices. AWS Cloud has enabled Customer to quickly Scale up and down resources to meet customer demand and manage costs. It has eliminated the need for provisioning resources upfront since the business has variable consumption rates. They have adopted a full-featured cloud service.