Cloud Migration Services Background study before getting your hands on a certain task is the key to success. We follow the same path in order to provide our clients with apt solutions and sustainable results. Our Cloud Migration Services work on a detailed analysis of the client's current IT infrastructure to assist them with the best AWS system architecture as per their workload for Cloud migration. We first move their application and data before performing post-migration validation. It allows them to have a tool for end-to-end project management. Our offerings are focused on the meeting the client needs and help them rebuild their identity. We offer best in class Cloud Migration Services that allow enterprises in setting themselves apart from the crowd by boosting their performance.

What Is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is when an organization transfers applications and associated data from on-premise servers to the cloud servers. These applications can be applications an organization made for itself or were purchased to serve a business-critical function.

A successful cloud migration requires a multi-disciplinary approach and only the right cloud partner can help you from start to finish.'s AWS migration service provides on premise cloud migration and modernization of your workloads and applications from anywhere to anywhere. It accelerates your on premise cloud migration journey through proven processes and tools.

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Why AWS Migration Service?

Amazon Web Services popularly known as AWS is global leader in Cloud Computing and provides a more extensive global footprint than any other cloud provider. AWS maintains multiple geographic Regions, including Regions in India, North America, South America, Europe, China, Asia Pacific, South Africa, and the Middle East. Each AWS Region consists of multiple, isolated, and physically separate AZ's within a geographic area. Unlike other cloud providers, who often define a region as a single data center, the multiple AZ design of every AWS Region offers advantages for customers. AWS infrastructure is extremly reliable. It supports various backup methods, offers quick disaster recovery and business continuity planning. AWS offers a pay-as-you-go approach which can greatly improve your business's bottom line.

More than 70% of IT decision makers consider cloud migration challenging.

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What Are The Benefits of Cloud Migration?

  • Less infrastructure complexity
  • Enhanced security features
  • Reduce operational costs and TCO
  • Faster deployment times
  • On demand scalability of resources
  • Avoid upfront costs, pay as per the usage
  • Integrations with other services

Cloud Migration

Why choose as your Cloud migration partner? has an experienced team of cloud experts and consultants spread across multiple locations. Our team has deep expertise in various cloud technologies and have worked with fortune 2000 customers from multiple industries. We have invested substantially in R&D, use proven methods, and a broad set of cloud solutions to help you discover, migrate, manage and secure your cloud environment.

When considering migration to cloud, it is crucial for enterprises to determine whether a public, private or hybrid cloud approach is most suitable and the order in which environments and applications are migrated to the cloud.

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