Big Data & Analytics

For making insightful decisions in real-time from business data

Every business involves transaction of large amounts of data on a daily basis. But sudden increase in volume of data at high speed can lead to data management challenges for any organization. The existing traditional databases and applications are not scalable enough and are incapable of handling the rising data today. To efficiently manage data and derive insights from it can be very beneficial to an organization. To help enterprises of any size meet their business needs and benefit from data-driven decision making, we at provide a complete set of Big Data & Analytics Solutions along with AWS. Through these solutions, organizations can lower their costs and operate more efficiently by migrating heavy workloads in the cloud, and by deploying new applications quickly. We at, let you build, secure, and deploy your big data applications with AWS in a short time. AWS Big Data & Analytics solutions take care of provisioning, availability, durability, recovery and backup services. Our team of data science experts can help you understand your business data at a deeper level for better, smarter decision making. We let you focus on your business needs while we take care of the complexity, hardware, cost and maintenance of the IT infrastructure to collect, store, process and analyze data. Through managed services in the cloud and open-source tools like Spark, Presto and others, we help create data lakes, warehouses and analytics platforms that facilitate collection, processing and analyzing of enormous data in real-time. Using Amazon Elastic compute cloud, we can help you meet your exclusive needs and develop your own Big data platform too.

Benefits of Big Data & Analytics solutions with

  • Enhance customer's digital experience
  • Quickly process big data workloads at low cost
  • Perform data transformations with AWS Lambda
  • Generate predictions on data using Machine Learning
  • Deliver customized content to large number of users
  • Get smarter analysis of your data with business intelligence and reporting tools
  • Efficiently store unstructured data (docs, videos) & structured data (financial transactions)
  • Improve query performance and lower costs by data warehousing deployment in cloud

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