Disaster Recovery

For Assurance Of Business Continuity In Times Of Crisis

Businesses today not only face the rapidly evolving industrial challenges but also need to be prepared to handle any unexpected disaster or disruption like natural disasters, calamity, power outages and cyberattacks. It is critical for any business to have ensure business continuity with access to their business data and applications at all times. But in cases of ransomware attacks or big disasters, restoration of data from the backup mechanisms in traditional environments may not be sufficient. The physical disaster recovery (DR) infrastructure usually occupies a large space, demands high-cost maintenance and may not be able to handle the growing business workload. Enterprises are thus looking for good disaster recovery plans that include strategies for preparation and recovery from a disaster. To help enterprises of any size maintain business continuity in times of such crisis, we at Cloud.in provide "Disaster Recovery solutions" along with AWS. The Disaster recovery solutions within AWS and depend upon cost, complexity of making backups and use of multiple active regions. We at Cloud.in, offer a complete set of Disaster Recovery solutions, that can be set up on AWS cloud for both your on-premise environment, and for workloads deployed on Amazon cloud. Our approach to DR involves testing failures, deploying distinct systems to multiple locations, and automatic failover. And for workloads on AWS, you can be relaxed for your concerns around data center connectivity, power, AC, fire suppression and hardware. We offer DR strategies for single AWS region as well as multiple AWS regions. For any workload deployed to AWS, we provide varied methods to lessen the risks and help you meet the Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RPO). With AWS Elastic Disaster Recovery DRS which is a DR service for physical, virtual, and cloud servers, we empower you to use AWS as an elastic recovery site. We help enterprises in resolving their hurdles of moving data to a secure recovery location with minimum loss of data. Our Disaster Recovery strategy with AWS, for both on-premise environments and for workloads deployed on Amazon cloud involves 4 approaches

Benefits of DR (Disaster Recovery) solutions with Cloud.in

  • Scalable
  • Lower risks
  • Cost-Effective
  • Decrease complexity
  • Easy and frequent testing
  • Time-saving modern processes
  • Reduction in operational burden
  • Reduce errors with automation
  • Lower the management overhead
  • Ensure business continuity at all times
  • DR strategies for on-premise and in cloud

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