Content Delivery Network, Edge Services

For Faster & Secure Delivery of Content

Enterprises today are striving to keep up pace in the growing digital landscape. And are constantly looking for solutions to better engage customers with their products and services. But often find it difficult to grow with low performing websites and applications. And the challenges of deploying edge applications and ensuring security of storing and processing data on the cloud are additional. To help enterprises of any size improvise the performance of their applications, websites and better manage edge networking, deployments and integrations, we at provide "CDN & Edge Services" along with AWS. CDN refers to a group of servers placed across the globe with the purpose of boosting the delivery speed of web content. It enhances the user experience by accelerating dynamic content delivery thereby keeping visitors engaged. AWS edge services help build high-performance applications which are capable of processing and storing data nearer to where it's created. This enables intelligent and real-time responses with very low latency. We at, provide a complete set of edge-to-cloud services and solutions with IoT, artificial intelligence (AI), ML, robotics, analytics, compute, and storage capabilities. By use of Amazon CloudFront, we facilitate a content delivery network (CDN) service that is designed to ensure enhanced performance, better security and developer convenience. We can help customize the code run at the AWS content delivery network (CDN) edge. We provide a secure environment ranging from the core cloud to the edge of the AWS network, to customer edge devices and endpoints. We can help you build more secure architectures, workloads, and services to uplift your security from edge to cloud. And by broadening the cloud services to the edge, we can help you work in a secure environment with a strong security infrastructure. The different facets of Edge security that we cover include providing defensive security mechanisms like encryption and access control, endless monitoring mechanisms like configuration auditing, and physical protection mechanisms like enclosures. Your web applications or APIs are vulnerable to web exploits and bots. By deploying AWS WAF (web application firewall) on Amazon CloudFront as part of your CDN solution, we can empower you to monitor bot traffic and block common attack patterns. Using "AWS Shield" we provide two layers of DDoS protection service form the commonly occurring network and transport layer DDoS attacks. All AWS customers can benefit from the AWS Shield Standard at no extra cost. Customers can also choose a higher level of protection with AWS Shield Advanced protection.

Benefits of CDN & Edge Solutions with

  • Improve edge networking
  • Enhanced web traffic visibility
  • Easy deployment & maintenance
  • Get AWS Shield Standard at no extra charge
  • Fast-track dynamic web content delivery & APIs
  • Reduce latency with 310+ Points of Presence (PoPs)
  • Automated network mapping and intelligent routing
  • Effectively distribute game patches software updates
  • Intelligent customer experiences via connected devices
  • Quicker reach to global users with enhanced websites
  • Customizable & managed protection with attack visibility
  • Stream high-quality videos(on-demand/live) on any device
  • Improve data security (traffic encryption and access controls)
  • Experience consistency across the AWS cloud, on-premises, and at the edge

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